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Welcome to the Reclaiming Intimacy Resource Library!  This is a free resource library designed help you find answers to your questions while providing tools to help better understand your diagnosis.  Our goal is to help anyone touched by illness find critical information and instill a sense of comfort & control through every phase of treatment.  Cancer and illness can be overwhelming so removing the “unknown” is important to mentally preparing for treatment. 

Reclaiming Intimacy’s Resource Library is a place to learn, grow, gain empowerment by getting the facts.  Know what to expect from your cancer & treatment plan so you can develop effective strategies with those accompanying you on the cancer journey.  Go to for articles and blogs that cover many types of cancer strategies and possible solutions.  




Reclaiming Intimacy offer a variety videos that address sexual dysfunction resulting from illness, product solutions, and educational resources.  

You can download our brochures, worksheets, graphics, and publications.  All print materials are available for free and immediate download. 

Reclaiming Intimacy has hundreds of articles and blogs written by our experts that cover cancer, illness, dysfunction, and solutions.




We offer a multitude of related products, also known as therapeutic aids, to improve & maximize sexual health rehabilitation. Find information about our products as well as product specific articles.

We provide caretakers, patients, advocates, and medical professionals with educational resources, courses, and workshops to improve sexual health and intimacy through illness.  

Reclaiming Intimacy helps educate caregivers on how to maintain all the aspects of patient care, self-care, and the balance of keeping your intimate connection strong.  

Materials in the Cancer Resource Library are provided for informational purposes only. The information in these materials may or may not apply to your specific condition, and it should not be construed as medical advice. Medical information is continually changing.  We highly advise consulting your healthcare provider or seek guidance from the Reclaiming Intimacy experts.

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