Reclaiming Intimacy’s Premiere Collection Nipples

Each of Reclaiming Intimacy’s Premiere Collection Nipples are unique and crafted by hand! Natural subtleties in design create a realistic look and their silicone material creates a skin-like feel and texture. Washable and reusable, these prosthesis are self-adhering, and designed to be worn on breasts, chest, or breast forms/enhancers.

Available in 3 sizes and 3 color options:

Small, Medium, Large; Blush, Chocolate, Cinnamon.

Our Premiere Collection Nipples pair well with Reclaiming Intimacy’s Ruby Breast Forms due to the option to remove the nipples provided with the purchase of these forms. The addition of Premiere Collection Nipples with a purchase of Ruby create a more customized and personal extension of you.

These prosthesis do not need to be used with other prosthesis.

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