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Reclaiming Intimacy has created long term partnerships based on patient needs and our ability to implement successful solutions. We work with a number of organizations and that share our goals of promoting cancer-related sexual health issues in order to
strengthen advocacy for sexual health promotion.

  • Educate: Be the source of scientifically-based and accessible information.
  • Build Alliances: Collaborate with organizations to expand the understanding and sexual health model.
  • Advocate: Advance supportive changes in sexual health.


Reclaiming Intimacy is at the forefront of promoting sexual health & rehabilitation for cancer survivors. We are starting a movement to break the taboo, open communication, & help restore intimacy after the impact of cancer and treatments.

We are dedicated to helping advocates and the medical community so they can better serve patients and their partners to strengthen their relationship. Talking about sexual dysfunction and providing care removes the unknown, reconnecting survivors to a vital part of the self.

Reclaiming sexuality assists in healing both mind and body through cancer. Framing changes in sexuality as something to be embraced gives hope and connects partners, pulling people from the isolation. Patient advocates are a critical part of survivor quality of life-talking about sexual rehabilitation restores, bringing a higher quality of life.

Providing information and answering questions should be done with a proactive, consistent approach because healthcare providers may or may not provide complete answers. Especially with sexual health, more often than not, healthcare providers and physicians will not address questions or concerns.

Whatever treatment plan, stage of illness, or phase of life, Reclaiming Intimacy Through H.O.P.E. serves caretakers, patients, families, advocates, physicians, and partners through education and providing support. 


Not all medical professionals take into account the sexual health of cancer survivors. By and large, medical professionals do not regularly talk about sexual health and that leaves patients with distressing problems, question, and no answers. This leaves patients with the difficult task of finding tools and resources for sexual health.

Patients are seeking information through advocate agencies and, in many cases, still unable to receive vital information. Unfortunately, organizations have been unwilling to include sexual rehabilitation because of cultural taboos. Normalizing these conversations, providing assistance and sexual aids are proactive steps toward treating sexual health like any other aspect of survivorship care.

Where can a cancer patient go to get information if advocates can’t help? Many patients give up, feeling a part of their life is forever gone. The take away- cancer patients are getting the message that their sexual health isn’t an important part of their quality of life.

Therapeutic Aids

We offer a multitude of related products, also known as therapeutic aids, to improve & maximize sexual health rehabilitation. Our products, available for both men & women, are designed, engineered, & created especially for therapy and rehabilitation. Each product is carefully hand selected by our expert in-house buyer after doing extensive research.  

Reclaiming Intimacy through H.O.P.E. features products, therapeutic aids, in addition to offering extensive resources and educational services to build and shape a culture where sexual health is viewed as any other aspect of survivorship care.

Part of our movement is ridding the cultural taboos around cancer-related sexual dysfunction. Sexual aids for survivors will promote sexual health rehabilitation and eventually start to spotlight this rarely talked about, yet critical, aspect of cancer survivorship.


We believe collaborative partnerships to bring the highest quality care to cancer survivors. We value cancer advocate expertise, unique knowledge, and appreciate the value they bring to the cancer community. Reclaiming Intimacy has the goal to enhance the services and assistance given to patients. Our partners receive a full range of services for the best patient and caregiver care possible.

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We want to hear about how cancer has effected life after the diagnosis.  We also want to hear from caregivers, advocates,
family, & medical professionals lending love & support.  By sharing your story, you’ll give encouragement and support 
giving strength in numbers as we fight cancer together. View the effects of cancer from various vantage points …

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