LGBTQIA+ Learning Lab is designed to serve those within the LGBTQIA+ community who are suffering from dysfunction caused by cancer or other  illness.  LGBTQIA+ Learning Lab is a place where patients or care providers are presented with a positive, inclusive, safe, and supportive experience. We provide an environment of support and open communication for a variety of needs through the healing process. 


Educate & Empower Through Illness

Our Breast & Chest Focus course is designed to educate how to reclaim wants, needs and desires as well as the mental, physical, emotional aspects of life after cancer. Self-care, libido, loss of sensations, relationships, and sexual side effects as well as whole-body healing through the breast cancer journey. Pre-scheduled, reserved date courses are listed above but you can take this course at any time. This course is offered on May 24th & October 7th.


Do you have a topic or content request for our LGBTQIA Learning Lab? Please let us know here!

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