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Introduction to Reclaiming Intimacy

            Introduction to Reclaiming Intimacy is a FREE online course that gives an overview of our company and of the courses we offer.  Learn about our educational services, speak to knowledgeable instructors, and get real solutions to the problem of sexual dysfunction & intimacy issues as you heal, overcome and renew through cancer.  This course is our basic introduction but provides helpful next steps for patients seeking whole body wellness. 


Improving Life Through Learning

We are Reclaiming Intimacy, a unique, one-of-a-kind cancer advocacy organization. We are leading the charge to improve patient care and maximize quality of life.  We provide caretakers, patients, advocates, and the medical community with educational resources, products, and tools to improve sexual health and intimacy through cancer.  Reclaiming Intimacy is dedicated to moving past the social taboos to bring the topic of sexual dysfunction to the forefront of patient care.


Reclaiming Intimacy’s online courses are LIVE and available for you to learn anytime, anywhere.  Enroll today for the best online learning experience while getting personal attention, guidance, encouragement from our Director of Educational Services, Jen.  

Jen has an extensive background in providing both patients & partners with the tools needed to restore whole body health. She has built her platform on speaking up about her own experiences with illness, health care professionals, insurance companies, teaching the taboo, and ensuring that people understand how communicate with healthcare professionals for maximum rehabilitation.  


With our online courses, you can learn at your pace, in a more private environment while getting the personal attention that is essential to creating effective wellness strategies.  After you have completed enrollment, you will gain access to exclusive content, interactive lessons, as well as one-on-one assistance.  



  • Interactive Assignments and Lessons
  • Quizzes to help Learn Information
  • Videos & Product lessons
  • Printable & savable information
  • Online Community & Safe Place for Discussions
  • Educator Access
  • Ability to ask questions and receive answers



  • Reclaiming the Self
  • Reclaiming Life…Men’s Cancer & Illness Focus
  • Reclaiming Life…Breast & Chest Cancer Focus
  • Reclaiming Life…Women’s Cancer & Illness Focus
  • Reclaiming  Our Relationship 
  • Maintaining the Caregivers Calm
  • Introduction to Reclaiming Intimacy (free online course)



Simply click the on any of the above courses to get registered.  You will become an official student at Reclaiming Intimacy’s school and community by providing registration information and course payment.  You will select a special password to access the dashboard to your personal account.  Then the learning AND healing begins.  Please contact if you need help through the registration or even do it for you!  



Reclaiming Intimacy’s online learning community is a great place to ask questions, receive encouragement, & speak with others share in your experience with cancer, illness and conditions that have impaired sexual wellness.  Reclaiming Intimacy is dedicated to ensuring that all people affected by cancer & illness are informed, supported and empowered…our online learning community is a safe place to share and seek answers.   

Reclaiming Intimacy's 2021 Schedule

Reclaiming Intimacy’s Educational Services provide a variety of classes, webinars, and Q&A sessions for caretakers, partners, patients, advocates, physicians, and other medical professionals seeking to find effective therapies with sexual health through cancer and illness treatment.  In addition to the variety of topics covered, course material is delivered in a learning environment best suited for the user. Users can learn via live webinar, online instruction, in a group setting in a group of peers, individually, or with a partner.  Medical professionals and advocate groups can learn as a staff, individually, or as part of a seminar. Learning is done based on the users’ schedule and preference.

*Due to the COvid pandemic, we have moved all our “in-person” courses to live webinar style courses to ensure we follow all CDC regulations, and keep our clients as safe as possible.

Educational Course Webinars Scheduled in 2021

The courses and dates below are our scheduled 2021 courses throughout the year. These are “set date” courses, meaning that anyone can sign up to attend these courses on the date listed. Paid courses must be registered and paid for five business days before the date of the course to ensure that all materials for the course can be delivered to the learner in time. These courses will be hosted via Zoom webinar meeting or held on Facebook live for some Q&A Sessions. Paid courses are held at 6pm EST on the dates listed below:

Reclaiming Our Relationship- January 18, 2021; July 26, 2021

Reclaiming the Self – February 25, 2021; August 31, 2021

Reclaiming Life…Women’s Cancer & Illness Focus – March 29, 2021; September 27, 2021

Reclaiming Life…Men’s Cancer & Illness Focus – April 27, 2021; September 16, 2021

Reclaiming Life…Breast & Chest Cancer Focus – May 24, 2021; October 7, 2021

Maintaining the Caregivers Calm – June 12, 2021; November 22, 2021

Clients may also choose to take a private, in-person or private live Zoom webinar or video conference call course on their own schedule, whenever is most convenient for them. This can be set up between the learner and our Director of Educational Services. Our online self-paced course can be taken whenever you desire, at your own pace. For more information about scheduling your own personal, private course, please contact our Reclaiming Intimacy office.

If you are interested in setting up a group presentation for your clients or your office staff, please visit our Partner’s Page for the details on which group level course package would be best for your needs. We offer a multitude of choices and can also create a package that would be most beneficial for you and your company needs.

FREE Introduction to Reclaiming Intimacy Webinars in 2021

This year we will also be hosting monthly webinars to introduce you to Reclaiming Intimacy! These meetings will inform you about what Reclaiming Intimacy is, the many services and solutions we offer, as well as discussing the benefits of partnerships with organizations. These webinar meetings will be hosted via Zoom, and last approximately 45 minutes. Here are the dates for these FREE sessions:

(All free sessions are held on Saturday mornings at 10am EST)

January 30, 2021

February 20, 2021

March 27, 2021

April 24, 2021

May 22, 2021

June 26, 2021

July 31, 2021

August 28, 2021

September 11, 2021

October 23, 2021

November 20, 2021

December 11, 2021



NEW in 2021: Reclaiming Intimacy Q&A Sessions

We are also hosting Q&A sessions throughout the year which will all be free of charge. In these Q&A sessions, you will have access to our experts and be able to ask your questions or get advice on your specific situation via Zoom webinar meeting. Some of these meetings will be open to the public, and others will be special meetings for our MEMBERS ONLY. These Q&A sessions will last approximately 30 minutes.

If you are interested in attending any of these Q&A sessions, please contact our Director of Educational Services via email at: Once you have emailed, you will receive all of the details and link to join the session.

Free Public Q&A Session Dates:

March 16, 2021- 11am EST & 6pm EST

June 28, 2021- 11am EST & 6pm EST

October 11, 2021- 12pm EST & 2pm EST

December 15, 2021- 6pm EST


Member Only Q&A Session Dates:

February 20, 2021- 11am EST

April 19, 2021- 4pm EST

July 19, 2021- 4pm EST

November 22, 2021- 4:30pm EST

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