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We Are Passionate Cancer Crusaders

Helping Reclaim Intimacy with Education, Resources, & Therapeutic Aids

Reclaiming Intimacy was born in 2016 from a few simple conversations between people who experience cancer from various vantage points.   We saw that cancer was harming people physically, emotionally, and at the most intimate levels.  Patients were silently suffering through sexual dysfunction resulting from cancer treatments. “How could this critical part of survivorship not be addressed?”

It was a question that started our research process.  Since 2016, we discovered a community wide breakdown in communication, patient care, and partner support.   We saw every challenge as an opportunity and every problem, solvable.   We hope to eliminate the shame, silence, isolation, and confusion many patients experience by creating a place to find answers, strategies, and solutions.

Patients and their partners improve their journey through cancer with  proper resources.  Reclaiming Intimacy is at the forefront of a movement to break the social taboo and provide every resource about cancer and sexual dysfunction.

We will lead the charge to normalize these conversations, provide sexual aids, and treat sexual health like any other aspect of survivorship care.   We hope to help patients regain sexual health, a valid and life-affirming aspect of regaining overall quality of life.  Restoring the sexual self, healing both mind and body, along with framing change as something to be embraced gives hope and connects partners, pulling people from the isolation. 

It is our hope that people find our efforts to be useful in changing the way we approach intimacy through and after cancer. We feel a responsibility to educate, communicate, provide therapeutic products and be a resource to provide the best life possible. Reclaiming Intimacy is made up of a hardworking team dedicated to making a positive impact on the cancer community.  We are here to serve patients, partners, advocates, and medical professionals to improve overall care.


We want to hear about how cancer has effected life after the diagnosis.  We also want to hear from caregivers, advocates,
family, & medical professionals lending love & support.  By sharing your story, you’ll give encouragement and support 
giving strength in numbers as we fight cancer together. View the effects of cancer from various vantage points …

  •  Patients
  • Medical
  • Advocates
  • Care Givers
  • Family
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