Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Staff

Sharing a passion for serving for the cancer community and furthering the movement to help reclaim intimacy.

A cancer diagnosis is emotional, overwhelming, and filled with the unknown. Going to countless appointments, physical fatigue, emotional ups and downs, and then feeling a loss of intimacy, a critical connection to a partner, can be a very lonely place.

Reclaiming Intimacy has a team who shares the vision of service to the cancer community. Patients and their partners will gain additional support and find effective strategies for achieving intimacy. By addressing cancer’s effect on the sexual self, we reframe the conversation to focus forward rather than comparing the past. We are a team of optimists who, first, start by removing change as a negative. We replace the feelings of shame, isolation, and silent suffering by giving support, education, therapeutic aids, and forward thinking.

This is your dream team, who will help enhance your treatment plan with effective strategies to restore the sexual self. We are dedicated to supporting
you and your partner through your journey, providing the best quality of life possible.



Krista is an expert at knowing the products. She listens to the customer, empathetic, and focused on providing the path to health & wellness with the best experience possible. Knowing the newest technology and latest product releases allows her to help customers make the most informed decision.



Jen’s mission is to treat the whole person. She wants to teach people to go to the symptoms and find the best avenues to wellness. She teaches what sexual changes to expect from your cancer & treatment plan so you can create strategies to heal, overcome & restore intimacy. Hosting educational workshops that include information, products, tips, and new ideas are her passion. Get unrivaled support from a person who gets a complete understanding of the situation and will help you get answers when you have questions.



Ann coordinates our people and processes and keeps our projects moving on time with a careful focus on producing the desired results. She loves people and enjoys a team environment. With an enjoyment for problem-solving, she has created a blueprint for our brand, monitoring the progress as we grow and expand. She works closely with our project team members to identify and resolve issues.



Tim has designed, launched, and been a part of several successful businesses. He has been a part of the business community for over two decades, starting his entrepreneurial endeavors in his early 20s. As an innovator, he sees where there is a need and boldly produces unique ventures. His can-do attitude and enthusiasm keep those around him inspired, seeking to be the best they can, and on the right track. He is always serving those around him with integrity while leading with humility.

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